Tuesday, March 27, 2012

San Francisco

Beautiful Bay Bridge at Dawn

San Francisco Waking up

What a beautiful city this is.

In my way to work I decided to stop at the beautiful Treasure Island (Bay Bridge) and take some picture with a new technique that i had learned from a book that i was reading the night before.  I have to say that the pictures came out better that what I was expecting. Here they are.. enjoy them.
Golden Bridge looking from Marin side
Another look at the Bay Bridge at Dawn.  This picture was taken with a white balance set to Sunny but it wasn't sunny.
white balance in auto.
GG Bridge from Fort Point
This bridge is the Sundial Bridge in Redding CA
Picture taken from Twin Peaks
Point Vista look at the north end of the Bridge.
Sundial Bridge
From Marin Side of the Bridge in a gorgeous day !
Sundial Again!!
GG Bridge at night.

SF Golden Gate and Redding Sundial bridge at night .  GG is one of the most photographed bridges in the world.